The Haunted Bissman Building

English: The Bissman Building In Mansfield Ohio

English: The Bissman Building In Mansfield Ohio (Photo credit: Wikipedia)








Super excited I will be able to shoot at the historic, haunted Bissman Building (  in Mansfield on Sunday!! Thanks to the wonders of Facebook, I connected with local photographers who are heading out for an all day shoot.  Models were also invited and have scheduled to shoot with various photographers! I am looking forward to meeting the lovely Madison Riley (we are collaborating on some creepy, ghostly images). I will also be working with my gorgeous fitness model cousin, Courtney! Together we are going to make some awesome images!

So I have wanted to get out to shoot at the Bissman Building for a couple years now! It was built in the same year and by the same architect that build the Mansfield Reformatory. As you may know, I have shot at the Mansfield Reformatory several times! I hope to get some new images to add to my fine art portfolio as well as begin to build a “model/fitness model” portfolio!

Keep your eyes peeled for sneak peeks! I will let you know if I happen to run into any ghosts!